Save the Elephants pledges to raise and deploy $7 million in the next two years through the Elephant Crisis Fund to fuel the coalition of organisations fighting the ivory crisis.
Save The Elephants
Freeland pledges to mitigate the poaching, trafficking and consumption of protected wildlife by reducing demand, strengthening enforcement capacity, supporting strong trans-national anti-trafficking cooperation and legislation, and encourage other livelihoods for communities in and around protected areas.
Dvůr Králové Zoo will do its utmost to help to stop the illegal trade in wildlife and restore rhino populations in the wild. We will use our influence to make it clear that killing, buying, collecting, gift giving, trafficking, weak governance or turning a blind eye related to illegal wildlife trade are crimes that must end.
Dvůr Králové Zoo
Demand for products from endangered species is driving many to the brink of extinction. These products are used in fashion, home decor, pseudo-medicine, for collections and by speculators banking on extinction. While you may not buy them, someone you know might. This holiday season, learn how to Be Informed. Buy Informed.
USWTA (US Wildlife Trafficking Alliance)