Dvůr Králové Zoo, Czech Republic, is one of the most successful breeders of African ungulates in the world and holds the largest herd of giraffes outside of Africa. With 500,000 annual attendance and great popularity among its visitors, it has a huge reach to public that is used to raise awareness on the plight of rhinos, elephants and other animals. The zoo organized the first ever public rhino horn burning in Europe in 2014 and it is actively involved in work with Vietnamese community in the country that has become a smuggling hub for the trade in rhino horn. The declaration on cooperation between the Czech Republic and Viet Nam against the illegal wildlife trade was signed in the zoo as well.

The zoo helps to save rhinos even in their original range. More than 50 rhinos have been born in the zoo. A few black rhinos from the zoo were shipped to Tanzanian national park Mkomazi where they successfully breed. Efforts of the zoo to save the northern white rhino has led to a situation in which the zoo actually prolonged their very presence on our planet.