Greed, fashion, ignorance, indifference, investment, corruption, status, pseudo medicinal use or cultural beliefs.
None of these should result in threats to species, great or small. 

Recent Pledges

As Executive Secretary of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), I hereby pledge to work with governments and all key stakeholders to put an end to the illegal take and trade of marine turtles around the world. As a first step, I am lending my voice to the United Nation's #WildforLife campaign to help raise public awareness of the issue as an important step towards tackling the demand.

United States

For World Environment Day, USWTA pledges to build upon its established work to convene additional partners to support the UN Global Coalition.

Czech Republic

Dvůr Králové Zoo will do its utmost to help to stop the illegal trade in wildlife and restore rhino populations in the wild. We will use our influence to make it clear that killing, buying, collecting, gift giving, trafficking, weak governance or turning a blind eye related to illegal wildlife trade are crimes that must end.