Collaborators are organisations, foundations, businesses, influential personalities and governments that have pledged to use their spheres of influence to help the UN tackle the illegal wildlife trade. Collaborators have made either corporate or personal commitments to make choices that won’t threaten species, to educate and inform citizens, to strengthen their policies, develop best business practices, and to help rural communities find ways to benefit from their precious natural resources. 

To become a collaborator, click this link here to sign up and be Wild for Life. The Wild for Life Campaign acknowledges the work of Rovio (Angry Birds), Discovery Communications, Kenya Airways and Highlands Coffee in helping the UN tackle the illegal trade in wildlife.

UNEP wishes to thank the Kingdom of Norway for its generous support, which enabled the development of the Wild for Life campaign, and Otto De Jager and Wild for Life Campaign Leader, Thu Minh, for supporting the creation of the Vietnamese website. UNEP also thanks the Republic of Angola for their contributions to raising awareness and tackling the illegal trade in wildlife as Global Host for World Environment Day 2016.

Finally, UNEP thanks its newest sponsor, The China Green Foundation, for its significant contribution towards expanding the scope of Wild for Life to increase knowledge for the critical role of healthy species and biodiversity in sustaining all life on earth and human well being.


Founding Partners

"I pledge to urge key leaders to bring an end to the illegal trade in wildlife and help build bridges between them to safeguard our shared natural wonders." —Achim Steiner, Executive Director UNEP
"I have always been inspired by wildlife and I want to make it my mission to leave a legacy of a healthy planet, rich with biodiversity, to future generations. I also envision a world in which the communities who live with this wildlife can prosper and flourish, benefitting by living in harmony with nature.” —Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator
"I pledge to continue to do all that I can to support CITES Parties to make best possible use of this remarkable Convention and to fully and effectively implement CITES requirements. In so doing I will keep working with a vast array of wonderful partners." —John E Scanlon, CITES Secretary-General

UN, Multilateral and Government Partners

"As Executive Secretary of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), I hereby pledge to work with governments and all key stakeholders to put an end to the illegal take and trade of marine turtles around the world. As a first step, I am lending my voice to the United Nation's #WildforLife campaign to help raise public awareness of the issue as an important step towards tackling the demand." —Dr. Bradnee Chambers, Executive Secretary of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS)
The current crisis in illegal trade in wildlife is a reflection of how much more we all need to do to save our wildlife and our forests. The World Bank will continue to work with countries and partners to combat wildlife crime by providing financial and technical assistance for conservation and development projects. Being a member of the International Consortium to Combat Wildlife Crime (ICCWC) we are also strengthening governments in their law enforcement and anti-money laundering efforts. As a lead agency of the Global Wildlife Program, we are providing technical support and opportunities to exchange proven solutions among 19 countries in Asia and Africa”. –Claudia Sobrevila, Global Wildlife Program Manager
World Bank
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service pledges to address both the supply and demand that fuel ivory trade in the United States. We will close our domestic ivory market, cutting off the supply of illegal ivory. We will also reduce consumer demand for ivory products by educating consumers about the impact that ivory trade has on elephant populations.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
The Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) pledges to leverage the full energy and expertise of the 104 national governments, conservation organizations, research institutions, United Nations agencies and private companies that comprise this unique alliance towards ending the illegal trade in great apes and all endangered wildlife. GRASP will support law enforcement, counter corruption, and change behavior through dedicated programmes, and will insist on zero tolerance for any illegal activity regarding chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and bonobos. This ends now. GRASP commits to take this message to all relevant policy makers, government officials and key stakeholders to ensure that the illegal trade that has pushed so many iconic species to the brink of extinction goes no further. GRASP and its Ambassadors will aggressively support the United Nations’#WildlforLife campaign to ensure its ultimate success.
INTERPOL pledges to continue our work in supporting law enforcement across our 190 member countries in preventing and combating wildlife crime. A strong, effective and innovative law enforcement response is required to address the illegal wildlife trade and to combat the corruption and violence tied to this type of crime.
Xinhua pledges to use our sphere of influence to help end the illegal wildlife trade through creating content, distributing messaging and lending resources to encourage more sustainable choices that do not threaten species and to reduce demand for illegal wildlife products.
Xinhua News Agency
“IUCN is in the forefront of efforts to combat wildlife trafficking - we pledge to continue using our convening power, our scientific expertise and our on-the-ground conservation work to bring an end to the illegal wildlife trade.” —IUCN Director-General, Inger Andersen
Connect4Climate is committed to support UNEP’s mission, contributing to addressing the Illegal Trade in Wildlife. In particular, Connect4Climate will use its sphere of influence to support international cooperation and further strengthen political will to address illegal wildlife trade at the national level with a focus on how climate change can exacerbate the problem through affecting the traditional livelihoods of many.
Connect 4 Climate
We have always been taking safety as our top priority and trying to build our airport as "China No.1 Green Gateway". We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence of developing our airport into the most important international aviation hub with the state-of-the-art facilities. Meanwhile, we stick to the philosophy of "energy conservation, low carbon generation, high-tech application and friendly service delivery".
Beijing Capital International Airport
UNICEF commits to Wild for Life because the wellbeing of the planet hinges on the positive engagement of young people to reject, not participate in, illegal trade. We commit to encouraging young people to raise awareness and take action for all people to end harm to wildlife and the environment
“I pledge to support efforts to bring to an end the illegal wildlife trade that is eroding the global commons and robbing the livelihoods of local communities.” —Naoko Ishii, CEO
Global Environment Facility
The IUCN SCC Pangolin Specialist Group is a global network of volunteers which serves as an advisory board to the IUCN. As a diverse team of scientists from multiple disciplines, the volunteers conduct invaluable research to better understand pangolins, their ecology, and their conservation needs. Facebook: @IUCNPangolinSG Twitter: @PangolinSG
IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group
Vanishing Treasures aims to better understand the impact of climate change on snow leopards, bengal tigers and on mountain gorillas to improve protection of these ever-diminishing species while supporting local mountain communities who live alongside them.
Vanishing Treasures

Civil Society and Charities

Demand for products from endangered species is driving many to the brink of extinction. These products are used in fashion, home decor, pseudo-medicine, for collections and by speculators banking on extinction. While you may not buy them, someone you know might. This holiday season, learn how to Be Informed. Buy Informed.
USWTA (US Wildlife Trafficking Alliance)
As a capacity development organization, we pledge to continue our support to organizations around the world working on the front line of tacking the illegal trade in wildlife and the conservation of biodiversity. As an institution we pledge: • To support and promote the work of local and international organizations on the frontlines of stopping the illegal trade in wildlife by leveraging our social media presence and social networks. • To develop the capacity of our partners to use creative communications to combat the illegal trade in wildlife. • To encourage our staff and partners to recognize the environmental, social and economic cost of the illegal trade in wildlife on local communities.
PCI Media
Verge of Extinction pledges to end crimes against endangered wildlife, particularly African Elephants and Rhinos, through a major global entertainment event. An ensemble of performers and influencers will conVERGE on stage in Los Angeles, CA to entertain, educate, and to give a voice to the voiceless. As a Keystone Species, the elephant plays a crucial role in the balance of earth’s ecosystems, so unless we save these magnificent creatures from the verge of extinction, ecosystems will be forever altered, or vanish completely, affecting both animals and humans alike. Verge of Extinction will spotlight wildlife conservation efforts worldwide by advancing the important roles that each and every one of us can play when it comes to the global agenda. We will bring together governments, innovative private companies, civil society, and key opinion leaders, in order to create a dynamic force for change. We pledge to partner with Wild for Life and mobilize millions, encouraging everyone to commit, take action, and end the illegal wildlife trade once and for good, no matter how big or small it touches or impacts them. This is a global effort, and we will send the message that global influencers can be part of the solution by taking a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal trade, along with the many forms of corruption that enable it. By rallying artists and change-makers, our goal is to raise over 15 million dollars, all of which will be dedicated to the best in wildlife conservation & protection, education & community, research & advocacy.
Verge of Extinction
Dvůr Králové Zoo will do its utmost to help to stop the illegal trade in wildlife and restore rhino populations in the wild. We will use our influence to make it clear that killing, buying, collecting, gift giving, trafficking, weak governance or turning a blind eye related to illegal wildlife trade are crimes that must end.
Dvůr Králové Zoo
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust pledges to help any milk dependent orphaned elephant in need and to do all we can to stop wildlife crime through Anti-Poaching and Aerial Surveillance.
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)
TRAFFIC will use our decades’ worth of experience in monitoring and analysing illegal wildlife trade and collaborate with others to help address wildlife crime at every point along the trade chain: helping those protecting wildlife at source, those policing national borders, through to curtailing the underlying demand that fuels the trade. We will not stop until the international poaching crisis has been brought to an end.
Freeland pledges to mitigate the poaching, trafficking and consumption of protected wildlife by reducing demand, strengthening enforcement capacity, supporting strong trans-national anti-trafficking cooperation and legislation, and encourage other livelihoods for communities in and around protected areas.
We at JGI pledge to protect our only planet and all endangered species through harnessing the energy, commitment and power of our Roots & Shoots youth members, to become environmental and humanitarian leaders, through their hands-on projects across the globe. We are already implementing many effective worldwide campaigns to help save the plight of elephants, rhinos and tigers.
Jane Goodall Institute
TNC pledges to continue to combat the ivory poaching crisis by stepping up security, expanding community-run safe havens, educating consumers, cleaning up the online marketplace, supporting social media awareness campaigns, and more. #WildForLife #SaveElephants
The Nature Conservancy
World’s Largest Lesson is an initiative delivered in partnership with UNICEF to raise children and young people’s awareness of the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development and empower a generation of young “Goal Champions” determined to see the Goals achieved. 
World's Largest Lesson
We pledge to continue our mission to stop the extinction and champion the recovery of threatened species in Vietnam. Thai Van Nguyen, Executive Director, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife
Save Vietnam’s Wildlife
Through the Wildlife Crime Initiative, WWF will use our global network to catalyse greater national and international efforts to end wildlife crime. We will collaborate with a wide range of partners to boost initiatives to stop the global poaching crisis, target the international organized crime networks driving the illegal trade, and reduce the consumer demand that is fuelling it.
Elephants DC pledges to continue fighting to end the ivory trade at home and around the world while taking action to preserve ecosystems and advance elephant-well being.
Elephants DC
Save the Elephants pledges to raise and deploy $7 million in the next two years through the Elephant Crisis Fund to fuel the coalition of organisations fighting the ivory crisis.
Save The Elephants
SEE Turtles pledges to educate travelers, students, and the public about threats to sea turtles and how they can get involved in efforts to protect them. Through our Too Rare To Wear campaign, we are reaching thousands of people around the world to learn about the threat the sale of turtleshell products and how to avoid them.
SEE Turtles
The corona virus epidemic in China makes us realized again the truth that the whole world is interconnected, not only human being and human being, but also human being and all the lives on the earth. We need to be wise enough to see the connection and take action before it’s getting too late.
China Green
"The plight of our ocean and its inhabitants is unseen by most humans. Once you know, however, it's impossible to turn away. Lonely Whale remains dedicated to expanding the global movement of people who not only listen but who care enough about the ocean, and each other, to take action." - Dune Ives, Executive Director, Lonely Whale
Lonely Whale
"SeaLegacy engages and informs a global audience through world-class imagery and storytelling. We know that effective conservation is a lifetime commitment requiring constant care and vigilance. It's about activating the masses to take action. We must do everything in our power to protect our marine ecosystems, and this includes addressing the illegal trade of wildlife." - Cristina Mittermeier, SeaLegacy Co-Founder
"The Ocean Agency is very proud to be partnering with Wild For Life on the Glowing Gone campaign - helping to bring global awareness to the coral reef crisis and the urgent need for action. Coral Reefs are some of the wildest and most biodiverse places on the planet and campaigning for their protection has never been so critical. Together we're making celebrities glow in the colours of fluorescing colours to help raise the alarm." - Richard Vevers, CEO & Founder of The Ocean Agency.
The Ocean Agency
“The Lion’s Share’s Leuser Programme supports collaborative actions to ensure the long-term protection, restoration, and conservation of the Leuser Ecosystem, the last forest where tigers, rhinos, elephants and orangutans roam together. By partnering with UNEP and the Wild for Life campaign, The Fund is helping raise awareness of the Leuser’s critically endangered species and the importance in investing in wildlife conservation for the sustainable development of all.”
The Lion's Share
We have a plan to make the Leuser Ecosystem world famous to push companies and governments to follow through on their conservation commitments.
Love the Leuser
The Snow Leopard Trust is saving the mysterious and iconic cat of Asia’s high mountains through cutting-edge research, working with local communities, and facilitating international cooperation.
Snow Leopard Trust
The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by more than one million members in the United States and close to five million globally. WWF's unique way of working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.
World Wildlife Fund
Our vision is a Kenya where predator populations are a cornerstone of thriving ecosystems. We are dedicated to ensuring that lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs not only survive, but thrive. By joining us, you can help protect these iconic species from increasing threats. 100% of your donation will go straight to our programs. Join us and make a difference today!
Kenya Wildlife Trust
The CCG Trust will continue to attract new investors for the support of conservation fieldwork, protection of endangered species and local job creation around protected habitats in East Africa and South-east Asia.
The CCG Trust
Rainforest Connection (RFCx) team pledges to implement its innovative and scalable monitoring technology to improve the protection of the Madidi National Park and its iconic value for the Bolivian Natural heritage against illegal poaching by enabling on-the-ground partners to respond to incursions in real time.
Rainforest Connection
Panthera is committed to protecting wild cats around the world and their vital role as our planet’s landscape guardians. We pledge to act on the ground with government, law enforcement, and local people to stop the illegal killing of big cats, and recover their vast landscapes for the benefit of all that depend upon them.
Discovery has long been committed to telling the stories and protecting the creatures that make our planet extraordinary. With Project C.A.T., Conserving Acres for Tigers, we’re supporting the global effort to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022. Our mission is to ensure a future for tigers and other endangered wildlife so there will always be stories to tell.
Discovery Project CAT

Private sector

As an international travel hub, Heathrow has a responsibility to take the best possible care of everyone and everything that passes through its gates. We are taking action to help curb the illegal trade in endangered species, and therefore protect the world’s most precious wildlife. We work with our business partners to increase the detection of illegal wildlife products and disrupt the trafficking of illegal wildlife. We also raise awareness of the impact of illegal wildlife trade to our passengers to help stop the demand, and we are proud to be supporting the Wild for Life campaign.
London Heathrow Airport
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adidas Runtastic