Freeland is a counter wildlife trafficking organization, working to strengthen enforcement, laws and trans-boundary cooperation on combatting endangered species trade. Based in Bangkok, Freeland’s dedicated staff also work to reduce demand for wildlife products in Asia, and encourage alternative livelihoods for communities living in or around protected areas in Thailand under its Surviving Together program. The organization conducts a variety of training courses: PROTECT for rangers from throughout Southeast Asia, Wildlife Friendly Skies / Seas for transportation staff that may encounter wildlife smuggling, and DETECT for police and wildlife crime investigators. It also supports high-level international meetings on global wildlife trafficking for bodies such as ASEAN-WEN, and has developed the species identification app WildScan for use by enforcement officials, customs, transportation personnel, the general public, and more. Large-scale awareness raising campaigns include FinFree Thailand, WildFest in Vietnam, and the regional iTHINK campaign, as well as its accompanying multi-lingual web platform.