The Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia is a world-class wonderland covering over 6.5 million acres of intact rainforest. It is a hotspot for biological diversity, a carbon storage powerhouse and the source of drinking water and agricultural livelihood for millions.

Yet this amazing place remains largely unknown to the world, a vulnerability it can no longer afford.

The pristine lowland jungles, lush peat swamps and cloud-shrouded mountain forests of the Leuser Ecosystem are some of the most ancient and life-rich landscapes ever documented. Millions of people depend upon these healthy and vibrant forests for survival. In fact, in a real way we all do, as the Leuser is also a globally important area for storing atmospheric carbon safely in the ground.

But the Leuser Ecosystem is under siege. Its vast forests are being quickly destroyed for quick profit, pushing its iconic wildlife species to the brink of extinction. 

With your help, we have a plan to make the Leuser Ecosystem world famous to push companies and governments to follow through on their conservation commitments. But this plan depends entirely on your participation.