The Snow Leopard Trust team pledges to intensify the fight against poaching and to help pilot the first scientifically robust population assessment of the world’s snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan.
The snow leopard faces a variety of threats. Retaliation killings by livestock herders may be responsible for more than half of all cases of snow leopard poaching. The loss of suitable habitat along with dwindling prey numbers add to the pressure the cat is under. 

To address these threats, we work on a local level, but aim for global impact. 

Our international science team conducts cutting-edge research on snow leopard ecology to inform effective conservation solution. 

Through local partners, we work with communities in snow leopard habitat to address human-wildlife conflicts and empower them to protect their local wildlife. 

At the same time, we work closely with governments, conservationists and other stakeholders in all twelve snow leopard range countries to strengthen conservation policies and practices that help ensure the long-term survival of this iconic cat.