Interview with Alice Eve

British Actress

Although seahorse trade is heavily regulated, they are often illegally caught for exotic pet trade. However, seahorses do not fare well in captivity, and often die quickly. Some are also dried and sold as keepsakes for tourists. It is estimated that 37 million seahorses are taken from coastal waters every year, mostly ensnared by indiscriminate fishing gear. Today's Making Waves interview is with British Actress Alice Eve, whose kindred species is the seahorse.


1. What inspired you to become an advocate for wildlife and ocean conservation?

As a member of the Animal Kingdom, I feel it hurts us all if we do not support the circle of life that we are part of. Our joy is each other, and for me that extends to animals, either in the wild or in the domestic space.


2. What is the most memorable experience you have had in the ocean?

In Hawaii me and my friend were on a boat and the dolphins were following us, so we asked for it to stop and we jumped in. Below us the dolphins swam in circles and then came up to our feet and danced just beneath us. It was a celestial experience.


3. What is your favourite marine animal?

The dolphin, because we directly connected to them.


4. What do you think is the greatest danger to our oceans?

Humans, in the form of plastic.