1. What has inspired you to become an advocate for species conservation? Is this a new interest for you?

I have always had a natural love for animals but their conservation has been a growing interest of mine since I was a child. From the days of first learning about endangered species in middle school and being shattered by the idea of an entire species being helplessly deleted from existence due to human negligence to watching llfe-changing documentaries on health, environment and animal cruelty thus becoming plant based for going on 8 years now. I started by volunteering at animal shelters which evolved to me producing full fledge awareness campaigns. From there I wanted to continue researching, traveling and educating myself  more about our wildlife and how we simply need to speak up for these innocent creatures and take action to help protect save them and their homes. 

  1. What is the most memorable experience you have had in nature?

I would say my most memorable experience was when I went to the Bahamas and went in the ocean to swim with sharks. I was in their home and respected their space and was absolutely fine. I felt a bond with them especially when they swam close, around and against me. I was able to feel their energy and appreciate how powerful and valuable they are. This completely killed the stereotype for me and left me feeling like the propaganda against sharks anywhere from movies such as Jaws and the lack of compassion given to them due to their appearance needs to change. Sharks have existed for over 400 million years and humans are going to be the ones to threaten that ?! It’s unacceptable.  If it was possible, I could have been down their for days with them just hanging out and watching in awe. The world is so much bigger than us... That is what I realized when I was down there with the sharks.

  1. What do you like most about your kindred species, the dugong?

It’s basically a manatee-elephant-mermaid-cow! All of the things in one i love! I simply love how gentle, simple and ancient they are. They look like an evolutionary magical mistake that was blessed to live through time.  They have poor eyesight making them easy prey and are susceptible to illnesses as parasites . With their weaknesses comes a whole lot of relatability. The dugong can’t catch a break ! Also as it is very independent, a food lover, and chill ... I could literally be best friends with this species.. matter of fact, I am! And as the dugong’s newly founded best friend, it’s my job to look out for it and protect this helpless dinosaur.  

  1. What do you think is the greatest danger facing nature and people being able to connect and care for it?

The greatest danger facing nature is pollution and climate change . Everyone should be able to connect to this because  without a healthy climate , we are putting our own lives and future generations at risk ! Everything is connected, including wildlife and humans. For instance; if the bees die , the flowers die. If the flowers die, the herbivores die. And so on. We need to take action and better our recycling and waste minimization efforts, consume from brands that provide positive/strong environmental impacts. This change in ourselves and our ways will inspire change within others and a chain reaction occurs with the spread of awareness resulting in impactful changes within entire communities. Again, everything is connected and what goes around, surely does come around. If a species is hurt, we hurt too.

  1. How do you want to use your voice to inspire interest and action?

I want to do this in a fun, yet informative way through my experiences and documentation.  I want to inspire others to make changes in their own lives through my creativity and entertaining messaging. 

  1. What do you feel you don't know enough about?

I am always learning . I would love to learn more about different ways to contribute to saving all kinds of different species as well as problem solving these issues in new and innovative ways.