It’s Time #ForNature 

You don’t need to live near the sea or forests to impact their health. The majority of natural resources for cities come from nature!  

How can you put nature at the heart of your decision making? 

1) Don’t take nature for granted. Learn how nature works to deliver vital goods and services for human well-being and how your impact matters. 

2) Choose responsible Hotels and Tour Operators who put environmental impact at the heart of their business practices and make it easy for their clients to be green. 

3) Reward countries that prioritize environmental stewardship by spending your tourism budget there. 

4) Become an activist. By learning, modelling, and spreading the news on the benefits of eco-friendly behaviour, you can help our planet, and therefore humanity, to thrive. 

5) Make sure you practice what you preach. Make it a fun adventure to discover all the ways that you can change your own business and personal habits to support nature. 

Explore this Toolkit on why It’s Time for Nature and how you can take action!