Message from Our New Celebrity Leaders

It is unbelievable that there are people who hunt Jaguars for their fur or for "sports". From poaching and the loss of habitat, the population of the Jaguar has declined alarmingly, making us both witnesses and accomplices of its extinction. I want to do everything in my power to stop this from happening and to guarantee the life of the Jaguar, as well as of the plants and animals that depend on the Jaguar´s survival. The Jaguar is a beautiful animal, free and indomitable, a spiritual symbol of the human being. I support the “Wild for Life” campaign to save the Jaguar and all other species in danger of extinction. 




The adorable sun bear, called beruang madu (honey bears) in Indonesia,  desperately needs our help! The smallest bear in the world, named for the golden patch of fur on its chest that resembles the rising sun, lives only in south-east Asia, but habitat loss and poachers are threatening their survival. Criminals are killing these precious creatures to sell their bile for traditional medicine, in a very cruel extraction process,  and snatching their cubs to be sold as pets. It is heartbreaking,  but join me to do something about it. Today, I am giving my name to change the game for the sun bear. Use your own sphere of influence to encourage people get better informed and to say no to products that threaten species!




The largest parrot in the world is an endangered species called the Hyacinth Macaw. It lives in tropical jungles in South America and supports important forest ecosystems by dispersing seeds and nuts for other herbivores to eat. But this vibrant and intelligent bird needs our help!  It is captured illegally for the pet trade and killed for its feathers, which is pushing it to extinction. For World Wildlife Day, which is about listening to young voices, I am giving my name to change the game for the Hyacinth Macaw. You can help me by going Wild for Life and raising your voice to educate more people about this issue! 






The ocean is often misunderstood because it is a place  of mystery, a place relatively undiscovered; for many of us, disconnected to our practical lives and everyday experiences. But it is a place that we can't live without, not just for joy and inspiration but for our own human- well being. Fish feed 4.3 billion people on the globe and 50% of our planet's oxygen is ocean generated--every 2nd breathe we take.  And we are still discovering deep sea species that we never knew existed. Imagine we have reached the moon but we have not reached the depths of the seas…so it is imperative to cherish and protect them. Today, I give my name to change the game for the elusive sawfish. Please join me and go wild for life by choosing your own kindred species!



No fur scarf is worth killing for, but that is exactly what is happening when we drape a shatoosh shawl around our shoulders made from the fur of the Tibetan Antelope, or Chiru. Even though China has exerted great efforts to save endangered Tibetan antelopes by cracking down on the trade in shahtoosh wool, the illegal trade still runs rampant globally. No longer can our insatiable desire for fashion and status be an excuse for being uninformed and making bad decisions that threaten our precious species. Up to four Tibetan Antelopes are killed just to weave one scarf, and the demand is pushing them to extinction. Today, I am giving my name to change the game for Tibetan Antelopes. Please join me to ‘go #wildforlife’. Be the change that you wish to see in the world!