This World Environment Day, the World will celebrate the theme, It’s Time for Nature in the digital space due to COVID-19. 

To prevent the next pandemic, we must learn how our wildlife crime and our continued erosion of wild spaces, of our primary forests and our ecosystems have brought us uncomfortably close to “reservoir hosts”, animals and plants that harbor diseases that can transmit to humans.  

Encroachment by croplands onto wildlife habitats is a major factor in bringing people into dangerous conflict with wildlife. Wildlife must be a seen as a competitive land use option that allows us to keep “wild” spaces, “wild”.  

We need to reclaim our forests, stop deforestation, maintain genetic diversity and invest in managing protected areas and our land better.  

As the world grapples with the crippling impacts of COVID-19, the #WildForLife campaign is underscoring that to care for ourselves we must care for nature.  

To learn more read our interactive story.