As a young boy, Fikiri Kiponda had no idea the ocean contained anything but fish. When he was 12 years old, he saw something on the beach that would forever change his life; dozens of baby sea turtles were making their trek from nest to sea. He was instantly fascinated by the beauty and mystery of these strange creatures. Since that day, Fikiri made it his life’s mission to protect sea turtles on the beaches of Watamu, Kenya. With the help of the Watamu Turtle Watch, he and many other volunteers discourage the poaching of turtles in their community and help others see how important sea turtle conservation is.

Sea turtles spend the majority of their life underwater, only coming to land during nesting seasons to lay eggs. But despite being short, this period of time is when they are most vulnerable. Sea turtles on land are susceptible to being poached for their meat and eggs. Their shells are also sold as tourist souvenirs.

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