World Pangolin Day

A Worldwide Celebration of the Pangolin

World Pangolin Day, celebrated on the third Saturday of February, is a worldwide celebration of the pangolin aimed at raising awareness of its importance and its plight. Global citizens, organizations, businesses, and governments come together on this day to remind us why we should—and will—protect this unique mammal, and now the most trafficked animal, from becoming extinct. 

The pangolin is the only scaly mammal on earth. Found in parts of Africa and Asia, they are uniquely adapted to eating ants with a tremendously long tongue that can reach deep into ant hills. While often described as looking similar to an anteater or a sloth, they are actually more closely related to carnivores like wolves and bears. Once provoked, the ants come streaming out only to meet with an impenetrable protective armour. Pangolins play a very important role in the ecosystems by controlling insect populations—which are also important to keeping soils aerated and fertile--eating up to 70 million ants a year!


When frightened, a pangolin will curl up into a tight ball to protect its tender underside, making it a prime target for illegal poachers. Pangolins are in demand for their scales (used in traditional medicine and for fashion purposes) and their meat (used as an indicator of success due to its high price).

The threat of wildlife crime has drastically reduced populations of pangolin in the wild. But there is hope!

People across the globe are working in tandem to protect and preserve these unique animals; governments have expressed commitment to enforce laws and reduce demand. Individuals have promised to make informed purchases. Influencers have raised awareness and inspired action. You, too, can join the movement and pledge to help the pangolin—and all trafficked species—today. 

How you can help


Pledge to never consume a pangolin product. You can do this for other endangered species as well! 


Find your favorite picture of a pangolin and using the hashtag, #WorldPangolinDay, post on social media.


Create pangolin art! Draw, paint, sculpt—make the pangolin your muse. When you’re done, share your art on social media and with friends and family! 


Learn more about pangolins and share what you’ve learned with those around you. 


Watch this 3-minute inspiring video about heroes saving pangolin!


Photo credit: Adrian Steirn




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Learn more about what organizations on the ground are doing to help. It isn't easy to help pangolins because they don't do well in captivity and often get recaptured even after being re-released into the wild.