Big Cats

Team Challenge!

This World Wildlife Day is all about Big Cats- Predators Under Threat.

Join our celebrity champions as they lead the BIG CAT TEAM CHALLENGE—for Jaguars, Lions, Snow Leopards and Tigers- a joint effort to raise awareness and protect these endangered big cats! 

Choose a team to join and pledge to make informed buying decisions and never consume illegal wildlife products.

If your team generates the most pledges, UN Environment and collaborators--  CCG- Investors in WildlifeDiscovery Communications and Panthera-- will make a donation to the project impacting your team’s flagship species!

The winner will be announced on Earth Day 22 April!  


Team Snow Leopard

If snow leopards can handle life in the high and rugged alpine mountains, I think they can handle a little competition. Are you with me? 

Fun fact:

The snow leopard can wrap its tail around its body for extra warmth in its harsh mountain habitat.

About the project beneficiary: Snow Leopard Trust

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Team Lion

We all know that the lion is the queen of the jungle. But they are under threat and the challenge to help save them is on! Join my team and let’s go #WildforLife to keep the lioness on her throne.


A lion can leap as far as 11 meters (36 feet).

About the project beneficiary: Kenya Wildlife Trust

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Team Jaguar

The jaguar’s name comes from a Native American word meaning “he who kills with one leap”, so it’s really no question which team has the most power. Join Team Jaguar. 

Fun fact:

Jaguars’ spots resemble roses and are fittingly called “rosettes”.

About the project beneficiary: Rainforest Connection

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Team Tiger

Everybody knows the tiger is the true King of the Jungle. Come join me and the rest of the cool cats over here on Team Tiger!

Fun fact:

Unlike almost all other big cats, tigers are superb swimmers. They are even known to swim long distances to cross rivers or catch food.

About the project beneficiary: Project CAT

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Do More

Morph your image with your favorite big cat and share.

Encourage others to join the challenge and gather pledges for their kindred cat. 

The more we work together, the more we can accomplish. So join our team leaders today. 

From maintaining land corridors to installing tracking cameras and real time ranger alerts,  your effort will help ensure these precious cats have our attention—and our protection.

Learn about the project beneficiaries:

Snow Leopard Trust

Kenya Wildlife Trust

Project CAT

Rainforest Connection

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